Best Baccarat at Online Ghanaian Casinos

Believed to have first been played in Italy and then to have spread to France in the 1400s, Baccarat is a time-honoured entertainment. It spread from there to the rest of the globe, and today it is enjoyed in online casinos in Ghana and across the world. We strongly recommend exploring this game and discovering its rewards, and our guidelines here are the perfect place to start.

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Basic Rules of Baccarat

There are three versions of Baccarat that are played today, and Punto Banco is definitely the most common. This makes it a great way to begin getting to grips with the game and enjoying it, which is why we have detailed this version here.

Two hands, each consisting of two cards, are dealt with one being called the Player (or Punto) and one being called the Banker (or Banco). Each of the number cards from two to nine carries its face value, the Ace has a value of one and all of the other cards (the ten, Jack, King and Queen) carry a value of zero. The values of the hands are determined, with the ten-unit values being ignored. For example, a hand carrying a seven and a five would be worth two rather than twelve. This means the total can only range from zero to nine.

The rules for determining a winning Baccarat hand are quite involved. A hand with a total of eight or nine is called a Natural and automatically wins the round. If the Player hand is six or seven it stands, and if it is five or below another card must be drawn. Whether or not a Dealer hand gets a third card depends on the Dealer hand total, whether a third card was dealt to the Player hand, and what the third Player hand card was. Luckily, you never have to remember any of this! Following the rules is always the dealer’s responsibility, and most of the online Ghanaian casinos that we review are pre-set to deal third cards wherever appropriate.

All you have to do is bet on the outcome of the hands before the cards are dealt, and you always have three options. The Player hand could win, the Banker hand could win, or there could be a tie. If you bet on a Player hand and win you are paid out 1:1, and if you bet on a Dealer hand and win it is the same along with a commission deduction of five percent. Betting and winning on a tie is most rewarding, with a satisfying return of 8:1.

Game Strategy

You can’t control the cards you are dealt in Baccarat, so the skills you can use are somewhat limited. Most of the strategy comes in as you place shrewd bets on games in the great online Ghanaian casinos we review. We recommend that you always base your wagers on calculated odds, which are explained in detail on the sites you will visit to play. As a very basic rule of thumb, never bet on a tie unless you are feeling very lucky and are comfortable with losing a lots, because the House Edge is a whopping 14.1%. Also, be careful about betting against a line of wins. After three, wait until the winning run ends or start betting along with it.

A Classic Card Game Online

Baccarat has always been prestigious, and was once played exclusively by European nobility. Today it is available for everyone to enjoy, and the online Ghanaian casinos reviewed here are the perfect place. Start playing today!