Playing Online Keno at Top Ghana Casinos

Keno is a lottery type game that is easy to play and to understand, and for these reasons, along with its potential for substantial payouts, it is a popular choice for those who like uncomplicated gambling action. Although you’ll find it at most brick and mortar casinos, playing online represents far better value because the payout percentages are much higher. Ghanaian online gamblers can expect about a 95% payout percentage at online casinos, compared to about 80% at a brick and mortar casino.

Players receive a ticket with 80 numbers organized into 8 rows of 10 numbers. Players then choose a predetermined amount of numbers depending on the game you are playing, anywhere from one number up to twenty different numbers. After the numbers are chosen by the Ghanaian online gamblers, the online casino then generates the winning numbers using a random number generator. Once all the numbers have been generated, the online gamblers are paid out accordingly.

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Advantages of Playing Keno Online

When playing at a Ghanaian online casino, as soon as you have picked your numbers you just hit play and watch as the winning numbers pop up on your screen, allowing you to play at whatever pace you choose. Another advantage to playing Keno at a Ghanaian online casino is the price. Land based casinos normally charge much more per game, while online casinos offer tickets for a fraction of the cost, allowing you to play more while still having the same opportunities for big winnings. Ghanaian online casinos on this site also offer you the chance to play for free on their demo play, this allows players to understand the game before playing for real money.

Types of Online Keno Bets

The more winning numbers you pick, the bigger the payout will be and if you guess all 20 numbers, you win the big jackpot. Although this is purely a game of chance, there are certain ways to increase your odds of winning.  Betting to win the big jackpot is tempting, but playing between four to eight numbers can increase your odds of winning smaller bets, and winning smaller bets over a long period of time can help you make substantial winnings in the long run.

There are a few different types of bets that players can make. A straight ticket bet means placing a single bet on your chosen numbers. This is the simplest type of bet that is available and is great for players new to the game. King ticket betting is a more complicated bet where a certain number is chosen as the King to use in combination with other numbers. A combination ticket lets you pick a few different groups of numbers and place bets on various combinations of the numbers. This game also offers similar jackpots as slots because it too has a progressive jackpot which grows until one lucky online gambler wins the big jackpot.

Win Big with Keno

Keno is a fun and exciting online casino game that appeals to both young and old gamblers alike. If you are looking for some great online gambling fun and a chance to win the jackpot, then play online Keno at one of the top Ghanaian online casinos recommended on this site. This lucky draw game can be very lucrative and when enjoyed for real money you could stand a chance of enjoying a massive payout just for predicting the winning numbers.