Enjoy Roulette at Online Ghanaian Casinos

Roulette, which is French for Little Wheel, has been popular for centuries. It was originally played in the houses of Europe’s nobility, but luckily is now available for all gamblers to enjoy including at many of the great online Ghanaian casinos that we review here. You’ll love playing this sophisticated game for yourself, and to get you started we’ve outlined the basics for you here.

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Fundamentals of Roulette

The game actually hasn’t changed that much over time, and the way we play today is similar to the way European aristocrats played long ago. A wheel with thirty-seven or thirty-eight slots is spun, and a ball is dropped on it as it turns. Each panel is numbered, and slots one to thirty-six are alternately coloured ref and black. The zero slot, and the double zero slot in the casino of the American game, is green. In land-casinos the spinning of the wheel and the dropping of the ball is done by hand, but in the online Ghanaian casinos we review the excitement is usually recreated with Random Number Generation and immersive animations.

Before the ball comes to rest in one of the slots, you need to place bets on where it will land. Depending how lucky you feel, you can choose to bet on the ball landing on a certain colour, on odds or evens, within a range of numbers or even on a specific number for the very daring.

Strategy for Playing Online Roulette

As a sophisticated visitor to the online casinos in Ghana, you will be able to enjoy more diverse games than ever before. There are several versions of the Little Wheel game to discover, including the French, Asian, European, Mini and American variations, and we suggest you spend some enjoyable time investigating them all to find your favourite one. You can play them in the no-deposit free mode as you are getting familiar with them and building your confidence.

The offline strategies that have been effective for many years also apply to online games, and we recommend choosing bets as close as possible to even money in order to avoid the most risky situations. Good options include Odd/Even and Black/Red wagers, but a full analysis of the odds of every possible wager will help you make these decisions and you can download one from several trustworthy sites online.

With the games themselves being random, the best thing to do is use this to your advantage. The more time you spend playing online, the more resources you will find to help you formulate your strategy, such as the analysis table mentioned above, and your own style will evolve. Many people begin by using the Martingale Online Roulette Strategy, because it’s effective and easy to understand.

Basically, whenever you lose you should double your bets and whenever you win you should halve them. The idea is that by raising your bets exponentially you will eventually catch up to yourself when you do win. For example, if you bet ten coins and lose, bet twenty next time. If you lose again, bet forty and then eighty if you lose a third time. At this point one hundred and fifty of your coins will be on the table so if you win that back, you’ll have gained ten coins. As long as you stick to the strategy you should come out on top.

Start Spinning and Winning

Now that you know Roulette basics, it’s time to start playing! Check out the great online Ghanaian casinos we’ve reviewed and start today.