Elite Online Blackjack in Ghana

Modern forms of Blackjack have proven very popular in offline and online casinos in Ghana and the rest of the world. Its roots are believed to be in a French game called Ving et Un, which means Twenty One, and it is often called by this name as well. It was popular among the nobility in the 1700s, but today we can all enjoy the game and our guidelines should help you do just that.

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Blackjack Basics

The game’s blend of strategy and chance appeals to sophisticated Ghanaians, and although its rules are quite simple there are many possible complex outcomes. The cards you are dealt are completely random, but you have to make shrewd decisions based on them from the very beginning of play.

Each player is dealt two cards at the start of each round, and so is the dealer who represents the house. All of the number cards carry their face value, the face cards themselves all hold a value of ten and the Ace has a value of one or eleven. The game’s object is to get a hand total of twenty-one or as neat as possible, without going over it. You place bets on the outcome of the round before the cards are dealt.

After everyone has seen their cards, they are allowed to draw more to try and improve their hand total, and dealers have to draw until their total is at least seventeen. When you have drawn all the cards you want to, you are said to stand. When everyone is standing, the hands are revealed. If your total is higher than the dealer’s but less than twenty-one, you win the round. If it is lower you lose, and if you and the dealer both have hands over twenty –one the house wins. If you and the dealer tie, you are allowed to keep your bet. The best possible hand is called a Natural Twenty-One or a Blackjack, and is made up of a face and Ace card. This is the hand everyone wishes for, with a very impressive 3:2 return.

Refining Your Strategy

As you play more and get more familiar with the game, you will feel more comfortable with its intricacies and will develop your own style. The more you fine-tune your own tactics the more you will enjoy the game, but be cautious as you do so – deviating from your game plan in any way can decrease your winning odds dramatically.

The hand you are dealt is all you have to work with, and you should always base your decisions on this as well as on the dealer’s visible face card. The odds of every situation can actually be determined with this information, and if you know the odds you can make a more astute decision. Card counting is another Blackjack strategy to remember, but requires a huge amount of practice before it can be successfully applied. All of the online Ghanaian casinos that we review offer great resources for developing these and other tactics, such as card counting guidelines and tables that show the odds of all outcomes and give pointers on how to bet on each one. Besides this, they also allow you to play for free with no deposit, which gives you a chance to practice without taking any risk. Try to use every opportunity to improve your game even more.

Play Blackjack and Win

The more you play Blackjack, the more your understanding and appreciation will grow, so start today! The online Ghanaian casinos we review offer a great range of games of 21 that will offer you the chance to win big when you beat the dealer.