Craps at Online Ghanaian Casinos

The game of dice known as Craps has been popular for centuries, with seemingly simple rules that give rise to many complex outcomes. It is actually believed to have entertained Roman soldiers, so you are in very esteemed company when playing! Once you have experienced it for yourself you’ll understand the appeal of the entertainment, and the online Ghanaian casinos that we review are the perfect place to do just that. To start you off on the right foot, we’ve put some guidelines to the game together. Have a read through these before you start your own adventures.

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The Basic Rules of Craps

In this game, the dice are rolled and land somewhere on the table. In land-based establishments the players would physically roll the dice, while in the online casinos in Ghana and the rest of the world the equivalent of rolling is done via Random Number Generation. You need to place a bet on where you think they will land.

This sounds simple enough, but it actually gets quite complicated. For each round, bets are placed in two phases called the Come Out and Point Phases. The different areas on the table are marked for the different bets they represent, and together with the two phases this gives rise to a huge variety of different wager options. Bets in the left and right areas include Odds, Pass/Don’t Pass and Come/Don’t Come wagers, while the centre is reserved for Proposition bets. All in all, there are over forty possible results in the game, which can seem quite overwhelming at first. However, with a little patience and perseverance you will soon become familiar with the basics of Craps, and will naturally progress to learning its more intricate details.

Strategy Tips

Most of the games played in Ghanaian casinos have a house edge, but the one in this game is especially steep. You need to keep a cool head and play shrewdly to win, and over time many different strategies have evolved. The establishments we review here have excellent guides to the game, as well as other resources to improve your tactics and the chance to play free for no deposit which gives you a great chance to practice. We strongly suggest investigating them all for yourself, but in the meantime we’ve outlined some very basic pointers here.

Try to establish a betting pattern where you raise your wagers if you’re winning and lower them if losing, stick to this, and don’t quit right after a win. The Pass/Don’t Pass and Come/Don’t Come line wagers always give you your best chance at winning in Craps, because the house advantage is only 1.41% and you have a fifty-fifty chance of doubling up. The house edge is even smaller with Laying the Odds and Taking the Odds bets, but you can only make these after placing one of the previously mentioned line bets.

Wagers carrying the largest real odds also carry the largest risk because of the huge house mark-ups they cause. These include Field, Hard Way, Proposition and Big6/Big8 bets. These are best avoided unless you’re feeling extremely lucky, although the payouts are so jaw-dropping that the wagers are hard to resist.

Start Playing Craps Now

With so many complexities and such immediate results, Craps is the perfect game for thinking adventure-seekers everywhere. Start exploring the game at some of the online Ghanaian casinos that we review now!